Day 3: May 2017

​​"Students speak with Mary Turocy from the Ohio Civil Rights Council whose role it is to enforces the states Civil Rights laws.  They discover how citizens organize to create protected classes of people from discrimination."


"The Global Leadership Project is a course at the Greene County Career Center that examines how businesses, governments, and organizations invest in cultural competency to get the results they want."

John Wilson

Greene County Career Center

Day 2: May 2017

​​​"Students in the Global Leadership Project engage in constructive inquiry at the campus of OSU.  They conduct 'Person on the Street" interviews about racism.  After gathering their data they construct their own definition of racism.

Storytellers: Working Behind The Scenes

Day 1: May 2017

​​​​​"Students in the Global Leadership Project begin their 5 day trip by attending a spoken word poetry workshop and some perform their work on stage.  They reflect on the the empowerment they experience from taking that risk." 

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Program Objectives:

The course is through the Greene County Career Center in Xenia, Ohio. The course focuses on non-traditional markets such as minority and under-resourced communities and teaches students tools to learn and become competent in these cultures. The goal is that as these markets become of interest by companies investment will follow. 75 hours of the class are in the classroom and 75 hours are in the field examining companies and organizations applying cultural competency. It is a semester long and a half credit of elective social studies.

The Global Leadership Project 

Greene County Career Center - Ohio

Day 4: May 2017

​Students participate in a workshop with author Paul Smith on the power of story telling and leadership.  They learn a format for telling a successful story and the discipline it takes to become a great story teller."


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