Growing With ALL IN

Students involved with ALL IN continue to grow and become the leaders their schools and communities need to produce effective change.  


Recognizing The Gap

Participants of the ALL IN Student Leadership Academy and ALL IN Social Justice Institute were confronted with difficult truths and realities, self-analysis exercises, group challenges, and individual times of reflection.

Storytellers: Working Behind The Scenes

Understanding ALL IN

"ALL IN is first and foremost about closing the achievement and social-emotional gaps that are devastating the life-long chances of too many students of color, disability, low socio-economic standing, giftedness and English language learners."   

Student Academy

The goal of the ALL IN Student Academy has been to promote awareness and appreciation for ALL individuals, regardless of their diverse learning needs, economic status, gender, race, religion, sexual identity, cultural background, or language.   

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All In: Ensuring Success for ALL Students 

The purpose of the All In: Ensuring Success for ALL Students Straight A Grant Program  is to promote awareness and appreciation for ALL students, regardless of their diverse learning needs, and to develop and implement rigorous learning experiences for every student so they are career and/or college ready upon graduation from high school. There are three phases of the grant for the participating 27 school districts. In the Infrastructure and Instructional Mindshifts phase of the grant, educator participants will work collaboratively to build upon past and current academic success strategies and leverage this knowledge to expand and ensure high quality teaching and learning of ALL students. Within the ALL IN Student Academy phase of the grant, a three-day academy will be held throughout the 2016-2017 school year in which high school student teams will collaborate with peers from across the multi-county area, and engage in authentic, community-based activities. The grant’s final phase, Family and Community Connections, will provide a series of learning and discussion opportunities around proactively supporting all students and families, especially those of marginalized populations.

The Straight A Grant, All In, is managed by the State Support Team of Holmes, Stark & Wayne Counties.

All In: Ensuring Success for ALL Students 

Straight A Grant Program - Ohio

All IN for Life

​Student Summit Celebration

May 18th, 2017 was a day to celebrate a year of amazing student work.

The Story Begins

Storytellers began their journey with the ALL IN project during the summer of 2016. Filming of a 3 day "Institute for District Social Justice," followed by 2 days of the "Student Academy" provided material for this introductory short story.

"If no one's out doing anything, then nothing will ever get done."

 - Eli, Plain Local 


ALL IN For Change

Recognizing the gap was just the beginning for students, staff, and administrators participating in the ALL IN grant process. Intensive training sessions brought about serious discussions, reflection, and significant shifts in personal perspectives.  

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