The Mobile Storyteller student service learning project is a product of North Canton City Schools' video-journalism programs and the NCtv media program. 

This project directs students back into their community to find ways that effectively connect people through digital storytelling and archiving. ​

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Stories produced by the students of North Canton Hoover High School are driven by the events in our schools, community, our world.

Visit the project pages to follow stories of the people and organizations we are involved with.

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Our teaching program began in 1998 with a simple question.  - What if?

That one simple question has allowed our students and staff to build and grow a core set of values and principals that focus on quality over quantity and giving rather than receiving.

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Students of Hoover High School produce all content published from the Mobile Storyteller.

This mobile classroom is a generous donation from supporting foundations such as the State Farm Youth Advisory Board, The Hoover Foundation, The Henry and The Louise Timken Foundation.  Cameras and other equipment have been provided by Blackmagic Design

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